Drawing upon a swath of international music, musician Ali Muhareb takes bits and pieces of his influences to craft textured, sample-based tunes from inside his bedroom. Even though he’s based in Portland, Oregon, his songs contain sounds from the streets of Mumbai to the banks of the Nile and beyond. For lyrics he leans on his philosophy degree while also incorporating his Arabic roots into his output, such as the reclamation of the word “Mujahedeen” as the title of his most recent release. His tracks manage to make ancient concepts catchy, but sound more similar to Animal Collective than anything you’d hear on Top 40 radio.


“While you were sleeping, Ali Muhareb wrote his debut solo album. Over a span of late nights in his bedroom on his Mac, while most doze off to Netflix, Muhareb recorded Mujahedeen, a record of groovy, tripped-out electronica.
-Willamette Week

“I’m always on the hunt for insanely great bedroom-pop — the best kind of pop, of course, with dream- and psych- coming in close second and third. It only takes one listen to Portlander Ali Muhareb‘s uplifting “I Will Write A Song” to understand its measure of attention and songcraft.”

-I Guess I’m Floating

Self-described “anxiety laden bedroom pop musician” Ali Muhareb makes densely layered psychedelic tracks with a surprising amount of songwriting craft. The Portland producer’s latest track “I Will Write A Song” shows off his skills with evocative textures and a hypnotic melody.

-Absolute Mag

“a cycle of songs that are characteristically unique, strong willed, well written, layered and composed with a sonically pleasing and very individual sound that is completely his own.”

-Johnny Brooke via Rip City Review

“Sonically resemblant to some stoned fusion of Animal Collective and Hot Chip, Mujahedeen adds a solid new layer to Portland music that contends with the best.

-Travis Leipzig via The Deli Magazine

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